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Villa Rental Terms and Conditions (Our Lease)
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When you make a reservation, you will receive a Vacation Rental Confirmation/Invoice from us requesting your deposit on the villa you have booked with McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas. This Vacation Rental Confirmation becomes a binding agreement when you send us your rental deposit; it states the terms and conditions concerning this villa rental between you (the "Guest") and your principal, and McAnderson Real Estate, Inc., d/b/a McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas. Your sending payment in response to this invoice constitutes your acceptance and agreement to these terms, conditions, limitations and restrictions as printed below. If you have any problems or questions with any of the following, please be sure to phone us for discussion and explanation before you send us your rental deposit monies.


Half of your rent is due here within 10 days of booking to confirm your reservation. Failure to make this payment subjects your reservation to automatic cancellation without notice to you. The balance due of rent, Government Hotel Tax, and refundable damage deposit must be paid in full at least 45 days prior to your arrival. Only ONE credit card will be accepted from a rental party for villa payment. All cancellations and any request for changes to your reservation (such as date changes or changes in the number of persons) must be made IN WRITING, and sent to us by email or fax. If you cancel more than 45 days prior to your arrival date, 80 per cent of your total deposit (the 'deposit' is one-half the total gross rent due) will be refunded to you and 20 per cent of your total deposit will be retained by McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas as full liquidated damages. If you cancel within 45 days of your arrival date, McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas will retain 100 per cent of your total rent as full liquidated damages. However, if your cancelled dates are rebooked to another guest, 80 per cent of your rent will be returned to you for the nights rebooked, and 20 per cent of your total rent will be retained by McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas as full liquidated damages. In rare cases, some villa owners may be persuaded to allow you to rebook your villa at a later date, without penalty to you. Refunds due to last-minute reductions in the total headcount originally booked will only be considered on a case-by-case basis when requested within 45 days of your arrival. Please ask us to check with the villa owner.


Your deposit of one-half of the total rent must be received by us within 10 days of booking a Ritz-Carlton Club Residence. The other half of the total rental amount must be received by us at least 60 days before your arrival date - NO exceptions. All changes on reservations and all cancellations must be submitted promptly to us in writing by email or fax. A 20 per cent cancellation fee (calculated on the TOTAL rent) will be charged on all cancellations occurring 61 days or more prior to your arrival date. If your cancellation is made within 60 days of your arrival date, there will be NO refunds made. There will be no refunds granted for late arrivals or premature departures, and no subletting to another party is permitted.


Your deposit of one-half of the total rent must be received by us within 10 days of booking the Virgin Gorda villa. The other half of the total rental amount must be received by us at least 60 days before your arrival date - NO exceptions. All changes on reservations and all cancellations must be submitted promptly to us in writing by email, fax or mail. A 20 per cent cancellation fee (calculated on the TOTAL rent) will be charged on all cancellations occurring 61 days or more prior to your arrival date. A 50 percent cancellation fee will be charged on all cancellations made 46 to 60 days prior to your date of arrival. If your cancellation is made within 45 days of your arrival date, there will be no refunds made. There will be no refunds granted for late arrivals or premature departures, although some villa owners will be happy to credit you for a future booking - but you must travel within one year, and no subletting to another party is permitted.


rentals for Christmas/New Year's must be paid in full by September 30th. If you make a reservation on or after October 1st for the upcoming Christmas/New Year's period, payment in full is required at the time of your reservation. There will be NO refunds given for Christmas/New Year's rental cancellations made after October 1st.


If you must change or cancel any portion of the villa stay or services you have already booked, you must notify us IN WRITING (by email, fax or letter). Finally, please send your payments in on time to avoid cancellation of your reservation. No-shows, late arrivals, a reduction in number of persons in your group within 45 days of or after your arrival, and early departures from your villa are non-refundable. No refunds will be granted unless there is a serious problem which cannot be remedied within 24 hours, and/or which causes the Guest extreme, undue discomfort or serious inconvenience (see also Complaints and Maintenance, below). Guests who abandon their villa without permission from McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas agree they have no rights to compensation.


For peace of mind, McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas highly recommends travel cancellation insurance. If you must change or cancel any portion of the reservation you have already booked, you must notify us IN WRITING (by email, fax or letter).


Guest understands that all rental monies shall be deposited in an interest-bearing escrow account until the rental begins, with any and all interest accrued to the benefit of McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas. Please note that offshore banking practices apply to our Caribbean islands, and American debit cards should have the Visa or MasterCard imprint to be accepted down here. Please travel with your American Express, Master Card, Discover and/or Visa credit cards.


Damage deposits are fully refundable within 45 to 60 days of your departure, provided there is no breakage, damage, missing items, no additional cleaning for villas left abnormally dirty, long-distance calls charged to the villa's telephone, and no other charges incurred before, during or after your stay, still outstanding. All normal utilities (except for long-distance phone calls or careless or extremely excessive use of your villa's water supply) are included in your rental price. You hereby agree to pay McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas on behalf of the owner of your villa the cleaning or replacement costs for all damages to personal property or to the real estate, which may occur as a result of your occupancy, excluding normal wear and tear. Locked pantries and closets are reserved for the use of the villa owner and are not included in this rental. You as the Guest agree to take all reasonable steps to ensure that your family and other guests in your party adhere to the rules and regulations affecting your villa. All villas are privately owned, so decor, colors and inventories will of course vary. All villas are fully furnished, including an ample supply of bed linens and towels for Guests' use. Rearranging the furniture or removing any items from the villa is prohibited.


McAnderson Real Estate, Inc., d/b/a McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas is acting hereunder as agent for accommodations, and assumes no liability for property loss or damages, nor liability for injury, accidents, delay, or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of defect in any vehicle or the acts of any company or persons engaged in conveying passengers to or from their villa. Transportation (airlines, ferries, charter vessels, rental cars and taxis) is supplied by providers who operate independently of McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas. We assume no responsibility, therefore, for any loss, injury, or damage to person or property because of the acts of those providers. Furthermore, Guest is responsible for his villa during occupancy, must lock villa's windows and doors securely at all times when not on the premises, and must exercise care in securing all personal property. Guests must observe all cautions as given in our blue Guest Guide (St. Thomas only) and/or by your escort or local contact people. All McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas are privately owned. The villa owner and McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas reserve the right to refuse service or rentals to anyone at their complete discretion.


Pets of any kind are NOT allowed in or on the villa's premises without specific written permission from McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas (granted prior to arrival). A pet or evidence of a pet found on premises will cause immediate eviction, and forfeiture of Guest's entire rent and deposit.


McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas shall make every effort to keep all villas and their inventories in good working order. In case of a maintenance problem, they will strive to repair the problem as soon as possible after being notified. They reserve the right to be allowed several hours (up to 24 hours) to cure a reported problem. However, no refund or rate adjustment shall be made for unforeseen mechanical failures such as the supply of electricity, telephone service, internet service, water, pool filtration systems, hot tubs, air conditioning, television or cable service, appliances, etc. It is the Guest's obligation to report any problems or damage to their villa IMMEDIATELY to us, regardless of the hour. (Please also see Our Payment & Cancellation Policies, 2nd and 3rd paragraphs, above).


St. Thomas guests must vacate their villas no later than 11 AM, and check-in time on ST. THOMAS is 3 pm - NO EARLIER! On St. Thomas, failure to check out of your villa at 11 am sharp may result in a $250 penalty charged to Guest. Other villas on our other islands require earlier check-out times and later check-in times - please see your Vacation Rental Confirmation for your villa's exact times. Check-in and check-out times are strictly enforced at our villas. If you would like a later check-out time, you are required to check ONLY with either McLaughlin Anderson's St. Thomas office (or if staying on another island, with your island manager) during your stay, to see if another group is arriving the day you leave. If not, you might be able to stay on later into the afternoon at no charge, but you are required to get prior permission to stay later than the published check-out time.


McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas or its staff may enter your villa to perform any repairs as necessary. If your villa is on the market for sale, we reserve the right to allow the villa to be shown, but only by advance appointment made with Guests. We will make every effort to schedule such brief showings at a time convenient to you, to respect your privacy, and not interrupt your stay.


McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas reserves the right to substitute comparable or better accommodations without liability, should the villa reserved be sold or rented long-term, be out of order, been inadvertently double-booked, or be deemed substandard by us for any reason. If comparable accommodations are not available, Guest will receive a complete refund of all prorated rent and Hotel Tax paid for the original villa.


Guest and members of his party shall not use or permit to be brought into any villa any illegal substances, inflammable fluids (e.g., gasoline, kerosene, naphtha or benzene), or other explosives or articles deemed hazardous to life, limb or property.


McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas shall charge Guest $35 for each set of lost or mishandled keys; gate remote controls will be charged at replacement cost ($40 to $100). Guest is required to follow all instructions precisely on where to leave your villa keys and gate remote controls when you depart - call our office if you are unsure!


The total number of persons allowed in the villa at any one time is restricted to the number of persons scheduled and paid for, based on two persons per bedroom. Should a group misrepresent themselves, they will be required to pay for all excess persons immediately, or shall vacate the villa immediately, without refund. Exceptions to this Term are made only for infants under 24 months old at the time of travel; if sleeping in a baby crib and not occupying one of the villa's beds, then the infant is NOT included in the villa's total headcount, which determines the rental rate. However, this exception does NOT apply at The Ritz-Carlton Club® Residences and Suites, where all persons count towards the headcount, including any infants. There is a limit of TWO (2) infants under 24 months per rental in any villa. At time of booking, all villa Guests are required to provide McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas with the full names of all guests staying in the villa, and with the full names and ages (ages at the time of travel) for all children under 18 years accompanying the adults in the rental party.


McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas wishes to maintain a family atmosphere for the quiet enjoyment of Guests. We rent to family groups and responsible adults only; absolutely NO house parties, commercial use or functions such as weddings are allowed without advance WRITTEN permission from McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas. Guests shall be sufficiently quiet and peaceful, so as not to disturb other residents of the neighborhood, particularly after 10 pm at night. If Guest is found to have had a wedding or any sort of group gathering for more persons than officially scheduled and paid for at the villa, and/or without McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villa's advance written permission, he is subject to forfeiture of his entire villa security deposit to the villa's owner, at the joint discretion of McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas and the villa's owner.


The information pertaining to each villa on McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas' web site is constantly updated. McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas is not responsible for printing or publishing errors, inadvertent omissions, or for the content of any other web sites. All rates and villa details are subject to change without prior notice. Our web site is your source of our most current villa information - PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK OUR WEB SITE FOR THE LATEST and MOST ACCURATE INFORMATION: In any dispute arising out of this rental agreement, the laws of the United States Virgin Islands shall apply and the prevailing party shall recover its costs, expenses and reasonable attorneys' fees. This Vacation Rental Confirmation becomes a binding agreement when you send us your rental deposit. Your sending payment in response to this invoice constitutes your acceptance and agreement to these terms, conditions, limitations and restrictions as written above. If you have any problems or questions with any of the preceding, please BE SURE to email or phone us BEFORE you send us your rental deposit monies. Thank you.



We will need to know your airline FLIGHT NUMBER, ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE TIMES, AND YOUR CAR RENTAL COMPANY at least THREE WEEKS before you travel (please email this vital information to - our Concierge and Guest Coordinator)! This is essential - there are no street addresses in the islands, and you will be stranded at the airport or ferry when you arrive, unless we know when to expect you and can arrange to have your escort person meet you and lead you to your villa. (Or, if you have booked directly with us, and if you have arranged to have your Amalie, Budget or Dependable rental car delivered to your St. Thomas villa, then a private driver will meet you on arrival with his air-conditioned van and will deliver you directly to your villa, with our compliments). Always travel with your list of island contact numbers in case of emergencies. And be sure you remember to bring your passport and a photo ID! IF YOU ARE RENTING ON TORTOLA, VIRGIN GORDA or ON GRENADA and are an AMERICAN CITIZEN, THEN YOUR CURRENT U.S. PASSPORT IS NOW REQUIRED TO GAIN ENTRY BACK INTO THE UNITED STATES. HOWEVER, IF YOU ARE RENTING ON ST. THOMAS, ST. JOHN OR ON ST. CROIX, and NOT TAKING ANY DAY TRIPS TO THE BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS or to ANY OTHER ISLANDS OUTSIDE OF THE U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS, THEN YOU MAY ENTER and DEPART the U.S.V.I. WITH A VALID PASSPORT -OR- PASSPORT CARD -OR- WITH YOUR ORIGINAL (OR CERTIFIED COPY) BIRTH CERTIFICATE ACCOMPANIED WITH A GOVERNMENT-ISSUED PHOTO ID. And always check with your airlines for the latest boarding requirements before you travel!


Everyone departing the United States Virgin Islands, including U.S. citizens, is now required by U.S. Immigration to show either a valid passport OR an original or certified copy of a birth certificate accompanied by a Government-issued photo ID. The U.S. Virgin Islands are a "port of entry" to the U.S. mainland, so please don't forget these for the whole family (even for the baby!). However, in order to re-enter the United States Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and the U.S. mainland from any of the British Virgin Islands and from Grenada, you will need a passport (or passport card, which is valid for land and sea travel only). If you plan to visit any of the British Virgin Islands during your stay, even if it is just a day visit or boating trip, your passport or passport card will be required, except for persons under 16 (original birth certificate is acceptable for land and sea travel ONLY). Please visit the U.S. Passport Office online at for updated information, and always verify boarding requirements with your airline before you travel.

If your flight is delayed or cancelled while en route, you are REQUIRED to contact McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas so we can notify everyone involved, including your car rental company - failure to do this will result in a $50 penalty. You may phone us during daytime office hours at our St. Thomas offices Mondays through Fridays at 800-537-6246, 800-666-6246 or try 800-537-6246 x 22 (Angela St. Hilaire, Concierge). Or call us on St. Thomas collect at (340)-776-0635. For after-hours, evenings and Sundays, please call one of us directly: (340)-777-6683, or 690-3073, or (813)-438-5932. We are on Atlantic Standard Time (during the winters, this is one hour ahead of New York's time).


You'll be met upon arrival at the airport or ferry dock, OR at your car rental agency, led (escorted) to your vacation villa, and when you arrive at your villa, you'll be given the villa keys and a walk-through of the property to help get you settled and comfortable. You will also be given an island orientation so you can get around. These "meet-and-escort" services are included in your rental rate (Please see notes on The Ritz-Carlton Club Residences and Suites, below). There is no extra charge for these services, although a tip for your escort is at your discretion for excellent service. You'll also have the island manager's day and night phone numbers for contact in case you need anything (even advice!) during your island vacation. However, transportation back to the airport or ferry dock upon your departure is NOT provided or included. Please be sure that you rent a vehicle large enough for your entire party PLUS your luggage! Island rental cars are usually small compact models, and jeeps will hold four passengers but little to no luggage - please plan accordingly.

For arrivals on St. Thomas:

If you've rented a smaller vehicle on St. Thomas and need help carrying any excess luggage to your villa, your airport escort person can take your luggage in his or her vehicle for you and your party for an extra fee of $35, to be paid directly to your handle your bags on arrival at your villa. If you choose NOT to rent a car for your arrival, then you MUST pay a taxi to take you and your luggage to your villa - our escorts cannot carry passengers due to liability insurance restrictions. All USVI private taxi rates are Government-regulated: a private taxi van currently costs $55 to $90 for 1-4 persons, + $7 to $15 per person for each additional passenger over 4 persons - the private taxi fares depend on the location to which you're traveling. We do NOT provide transportation back to the airport upon your departure. However, on St. Thomas, you may call Wheatley Taxi Service (340-473-8900) to arrange taxi service to get you and your luggage back to the St. Thomas airport (you pay the driver the taxi fare) - but CALL them WELL IN ADVANCE OF YOUR DEPARTURE!


Upon arrival on St. Thomas, all guests who have booked their rental at The Ritz-Carlton Club directly with McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas (not using a commissionable agent) and at the full rental rate for at least 5 nights will be met by a private driver + van and driven to The Ritz-Carlton Club. This complimentary one-way transfer is included in the rental rates for all direct guests. Only one arrival transfer is included with each rental; if your group will have staggered arrivals, you'll be responsible for any additional transportation costs to The Club. If your travel agent booked this rental, and you wish to rent a car, hire a taxi, limo, or a private van + driver at your own expense, kindly contact us or your agent, in advance, to arrange these services. Upon arrival at The Ritz-Carlton Club, you will check in at the Reception Building on the property.

For St. John Arrivals:

You are required to phone your St. John contact person before you board the ferry or car barge from St. Thomas to St. John, so he/she will know at what time and at which dock you will be arriving, and can meet you there promptly. Please be sure to travel with all island contact numbers! The St. John passenger ferry from Red Hook (East End) charges $7 one way  (for non-residents), plus $4 per bag or suitcase, and the trip is about 20 minutes. Due to heightened security, all passengers are now required to tag all pieces of their baggage, and to travel with their photo I.D.s, which may be checked at boarding on all ferries. Luggage tags are for sale for $2 each at the ferry ticket booths.

For St. Croix, Tortola, Virgin Gorda and Grenada arrivals:

For St. Croix, Tortola, Virgin Gorda and Grenada arrivals, try to schedule your arrival as early in the afternoon as possible, and contact us WELL IN ADVANCE BEFORE YOU TRAVEL to discuss your arrival details, instructions, and any applicable and current ferry schedules.


For all villa properties, the homes are cleaned just before your arrival and after your departure so that your villa is very clean. Some villas do not include interim maid service with their rentals. If the villa you select does not have maid service included as part of your quoted rental price, or if you would like service more frequently, we can easily arrange maid service for you as often as you wish for an additional charge. On St. Thomas, maid service is $50 per visit for 1-2 bedrooms used, $75 for 3 bedrooms, $100 for 4 bedrooms, $125 for 5 bedrooms, $150 for 6 bedrooms used, plus $10 per rollaway or airbed being used. Please request pricing for other islands' villas. This service is for hotel-type general cleaning and tidying only; any personal laundry, cooking, or babysitting must be arranged in advance, and prices set according to services required. We'll be happy to book these extra services for your vacation.


With sufficient advance notice, we can pre-stock your villa with the food and beverages of your choice. So, especially if you are arriving in the afternoon or traveling with small children, let us deliver your custom grocery order to your villa just before your arrival! On St. Thomas, grocery shopping and delivery service is provided through McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas (please see St. Thomas island pages at for more information) - this service is well worth the cost, so you can settle in, unpack and enjoy your villa the moment you arrive. For grocery provisioning and all other such needs, please contact our Concierge, Angela St. Hilaire, at, or call her weekdays at 800-537-6246 x 22, or at 813-438-5932.

On St. Thomas, St. John, St. Croix, Tortola and Virgin Gorda we have excellent chefs who are available for just one special dinner only, to one, two, or three meals a day for the duration of your villa stay. For a list of chefs with their contact information and some sample menus for each island, please email our Concierge Angela, at, or try her weekdays at 800-537-6246 x 22 or at (813)-438-5932. Then, you may contact your island chef directly to discuss menus, dietary requirements and your grocery shopping list with him or her. Chefs will require an advance deposit for both grocery shopping and for their cooking; you may pay them directly. And please remember: all of our chefs book up far in advance for all holidays, so please plan way ahead.


We can arrange almost any special services you wish, on any island, and also arrange your car rentals (to be delivered to your St. Thomas villa, OR picked up by you at the airport on arrival) with ample advance notice - discuss your needs and wishes with us at 800-537-6246 x 22 or (813)-438-5932, or email Angela St. Hilaire, McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villa's Guest Concierge, is our in-house restaurant, activities and watersports expert; she'll give you information about all island activities such as sailboat and power boat charters, SCUBA diving, jet skis, parasailing, windsurfing, massage and spa services, etc., that you might wish to try during your vacation. Go to and click on the island you want - each island has a listing of activities and services online so you can plan what to do on your Caribbean villa vacation.


On St. Thomas, portable nylon baby cribs are available for rent, furniture only - you bring your own mattress pad and sheets). Or rent a FULL-SIZED WOODEN BABY CRIB: (requires assembly, so you MUST specify in advance in which room you want the crib set up.) Please bring your own mattress pad & linens for all cribs - we only can supply the basic furniture. We will assemble the crib on your arrival day in the room that you specify - this must be arranged in advance. High chairs, booster seats, bed rails and a stroller are also available for rent. There are also very comfortable air beds for rent. All rentals will be delivered to your St. Thomas villa, ready for you to set up in the area of your choice after your arrival (it's easy!) There is a flat fee for delivery and pickup, for one item or for several items. Baby equipment is also available on all other islands - please ask Angela, our Concierge, for specifics and rates. PLEASE NOTE that infants and toddlers under 24 months old are NOT included in the headcount which determines your rental rate IF they sleep in a crib. If they sleep in one of the villa's beds, they are counted as a paying guest. This exception does NOT apply at The Ritz-Carlton Club® Residences and Suites, where all persons, no matter their ages, count towards the headcount, including infants. (See CAPACITY OF VILLAS, above).

On St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix, U.S.V.I. law requires all children under 5 years old to be in a child-restraint car seat (or, if a child is 3 to 5 years old, he may wear a regular seat belt IF he is in a rear seat). Car seats are available from your rental car agency. Please order one when you book your rental car; there may be a small charge.


If you receive excellent service with a smile, we recommend tipping about $25 to $50 per week for each housekeeper. Some housekeepers will leave an envelope in the villa for your gratuity. And if you have food and drink left in your villa when you depart, you may also leave these for the housekeeping staff - they will appreciate it.


Our islands are for the most part very hilly, and villas are often built into steep hillsides, which afford you the fantastic ocean views we offer in our part of the Caribbean. BUT, often this also means that many of our villas have many stairs - so if you're person with a disability or if you cannot handle many stairs, please be sure to ask when booking your villa how many stairs you'll have to climb, and please be sure to let us know if you are on crutches or in a wheelchair so we can be sure to book you into a villa which is easily accessible.


Most of our homes are located in sedate, residential neighborhoods, and if you and your family and friends want to make some partying a part of your vacation, please check with us before you book a particular property - we'll advise you as to the neighborhood climate.

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